Tupac Musical Coming to Broadway

Tupac Shakur has been dead since 1996, but his legacy lives on. According to Rolling Stone and other sources, a new new musical based on his songs, titled Holler If Ya Hear Me, is heading to Broadway. In addition to the title tune, the fictional story will revolve around his other hits, including "California Love," "Keep Your Head Up," and "Me Against the World."

I've been a Tupac fan for a long time.  I hope some of my favorite songs of his are also part of the show, including "When Thugz Cry," "Hail Mary," "Life Goes On," "I Wonder If Heaven's Got a Ghetto," "So Many Tears," "Lord Knows," "Only God Can Judge Me," "Dear Mama," and the best one of all, "Changes."

The show is scheduled to debut on Broadway in June 2014 but won't be eligible for a Tony Award until 2015.  Hope it's a hit!  Tupac lives!