Turning Blogs Into Printed Books

At the end of each year and the start of each new one, I order a printed version of my City of Kik blog as a keepsake.  I enjoy skimming through the pages and seeing which posts pop out and which could have used a rewrite (or maybe shouldn't have been written in the first place). Just in case this Internet thing disappears someday, replaced by some other new-fangled medium, or if the world suddenly goes dark without anymore electrical power, I'll have some hardcover collections of all the writing I've done the past five years so my kids can see the geeky ruminations of their dear ol' dad.

There are a bunch of services out there that can do the job. I prefer Blog2Print at SharedBook.com since it's very simple to use and it offers plenty of options.

I've also been tagging the posts that I might collect someday in a self-published compendium to share with the world.  What do you think? For now, the books look nice on my bookshelf.