Two TV Shows with Very Different Tones

As I mentioned yesterday, my wife and I have been catching up on two television shows that we recorded on our DVR. Each has become addictive, but they are night and day in terms of tone. The Returned, on the Sundance Channel, is a subtitled French series about a small town where people who have died suddenly reappear as if nothing had happened.  Witches of East End, on Lifetime, is an over-the-top soap-opera-ish fantasy about the magical Beauchamp ladies.

The Returned has a quiet, atmospheric style and pace, and is completely engaging from the very first moments right until the end, with raw emotions by the talented cast and incredible plot twists. Witches of East End is a roller-coaster ride of outrageous developments. Death plays a huge part in both series, but the first treats it more seriously, while the second is more tongue-in-cheek.

Witches uses the powers of its characters for campy fun, whereas The Returned feels much more grounded in reality, even though its premise is supernatural. To give away anything about the plots of either show would be a disservice to the viewing experience.  Catch them if you can and enjoy them on their own merits.