Variant Magazine Covers

Print publishing is still alive even though it's struggled in the face of digital competitors. One gimmick to boost sales is to offer multiple or variant covers. The comic book industry learned the value of such a tactic by targeting collectors who would purchase more than one copy of an issue if there was different artwork on the cover.  Sometimes they would make it metallic foil or lenticular 3D.  Empire magazine took it to an all new level this month by releasing 25 different covers from the upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past.  You read that correctly -- 25 different covers!

Even if folks don't go out and buy all the various versions, featuring different characters from the movie, the first time we're seeing some of them, the buzz has been enormous with fans sharing the pics and speculating about what to expect from the motion picture.

Publishers need to continue to think creatively to grab readers attention.  Will variant covers continue to be a tool that boosts that all-important circulation?