Best Reader Comment for February 2014

My new posting schedule on my City of Kik blog has delayed my monthly "Best Reader Comment" feature, but here we are, better late than never.  February's outstanding feedback comes from Abrawang, who shared his thoughts on a number of my posts last month, all insightful and thought provoking. Here is my favorite from "Separating the Artist's Work from the Artist's Scandal," which sparked a great discussion:

"You ask some good questions Nick and there are no easy answers. As I mentioned on libby's blog, it ought to be possible to separate the artist from the man as they are two distinct forms of judgment. Having a high regard for Manhattan or Hannah and Her Sisters doesn't imply endorsement of child molestation. But it's not so easy in practice. In praising a person's work, there's implied praise for the person who created it. Then one feels obliged to qualify such praise with "of course I don't approve of..." as though one recognizes that the two can't easily be separated. I too thought of Hitler when this topic was raised. What if his paintings had been much like Cezanne's. How easy would it be for any of us to maintain a rigid distinction? As for me, I know I can't judge Sinatra's singing dispassionately. I've heard first-hand accounts of what a boorish pig he could be and I don't like much else I've heard of him. His stage manner always grated too. But I have to acknowledge that people who really know their music rate his voice, phrasing etc. very highly."

Past winners of the "Best Comment of the Month" have included: Bill Beck, LibbyLiberalNYC, MalcolmXY, Margaret Feike, Matt McMillan, Jan Sand, and Bob Skye.

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Thanks also to everyone who shared my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media, and who posted a review of my blog on  As always, I truly appreciate it. Keep on commenting! Who will have the best reader comment this month? Share your thoughts and it might be you!