Farewell to Television without Pity

It's not surprising when a huge media conglomerate eats up a popular online site and then spits it out after making unnecessary changes that prove to be disastrous. The most recent example is NBCUniversal pulling the plug on a few of its Internet properties. While I've read a lot of sadness from media types about the death of the lifestyle blog Daily Candy, I mourn the pending loss of another -- Television without Pity.

It was one of my early favorite sites on the Internet, a pioneer in writing recaps of television series episodes. Loaded with humor, it brought the word "snarky" (a rudely critical tone) to modern relevance.

The reviews and forums made me laugh, updated me on shows that I missed, and enlightened me on programs that I watched, offering new perspectives and observations on Lost and other favorites.

Often, the "geniuses" at giant media companies feel obligated to reinvent the wheel when they bring such properties under their wing. The end result often isn't pretty. Cyberspace is littered with the graves of once mighty Web sites, the heydays of their brilliant content now only fading memories after the goliaths of entertainment content swallow them whole.

Farewell, TwoP. You were a trendsetter and you will be missed. Its final day will be April 4, but the forums will remain active until May 31.


Anonymous said…
I used to love TWoP! What changes did they make? So sad..... -E
Nick said…
It made it mostly about reality shows and changed the layout, etc. It became a shell of its former self.