TV Show Comebacks

Who doesn't like a comeback? Hollywood producers constantly try to keep milking dead cows, crossing their fingers for more cash left in those bovine corpses. The Veronica Mars movie opens this weekend, bringing the cult television series to the big screen after a much-publicized crowd-funding campaign to finance the project. Other shows tried to resurrect as major motion pictures -- Firefly and The X-Files, for example. Can old shows return successfully to the TV screen? We'll soon find out for a few: NBC has a 13-episode revival planned for its hit super-powered adventure saga, Heroes: Reborn; the under-rated but awesome science fiction series Farscape is being turned into a TV movie; and there's always talk of reviving The Twilight Zone and other classics.

Some series have been brought back to high ratings (Dallas on TNT) and eager anticipation (Arrested Development on Netflix). Some have continued in comic book format (Jericho, Smallville, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer), while others have managed to spawn mini-series or sequels (the rebooted Battlestar Galactica). A few favorites have only managed some gimmicky reunions (Seinfeld via a Super Bowl ad for the Web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.)

If I had the power to relaunch any favorite TV show, I'd choose Lost. I'd love to see the untold adventures of Hurley and Ben Linus, or some new mind-tripping escapades on that mysterious island. Star Trek is long overdue for another television series -- I always felt that its premise was always better suited for episodic storytelling on TV where it began instead of cinema. Fans have long been clamoring for a Friends reunion. An endless list of possibilities for TV show rebirths exists, especially if I start counting guilty pleasures, like MAD TV.

Which previously "expired" television series do you want to see back again?