Best Reader Comment for March 2014

I was afraid that since I started posting less frequently, it would make my City of Kik readers comment less frequently in return, but I have been pleasantly surprised to see that the feedback level hasn't changed drastically, at least this month.  The Best Reader Comment for March 2014 is Pam Malone, who shared her thoughts and insights on a couple of posts I wrote.

Past winners of the "Best Reader Comment of the Month" have included: Abrawang, Bill Beck, LibbyLiberalNYC, MalcolmXY, Margaret Feike, Matt McMillan, Jan Sand, and Bob Skye.

Pam's first entry was in response to my essay on "The Oscars In Memoriam Tribute."

"In the past they've given a little longer montage to the truly great. I thought that thing about heroes was stupid, and was all male except for 2 females, and all white except for 2 blacks, and instead I would have liked to see a special montage from the films of Philip Seymour Hoffman, Peter O' Toole, and Shirley Temple. While it's nice to treat everyone equally, those three deserved more than they got. Also, it would have been better if Bette Midler sang during the photo display, not after. She looked awkward and uncomfortable, though her singing was beautiful as usual. While on the subject of the Oscars, I think Ellen DeGeneres did a great job, except for her savage sling at poor Liza Minnelli. Also, I think they should have let Liza sing, instead of Pink. I hate the way great stars are discarded when they reach a certain age. Unless, she isn't able to sing anymore, in which, I think they should have let her speak, and introduce the segment. If anyone still believes in the myth that plastic surgery makes you look younger and better, one only had to look at Liza, or the tragedy that was once Kim Novak to see it isn't so."

Her second posts was for "Movies in March and April 2014."

"Of this crop I'm interested in Noah, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and Transcendence. As for the latter, I like it when movies deal with the future and how it will relate to our consciousness, our soul, etc. I just saw GRAVITY, and it was truly great. I had no idea it was going to be so spiritual, and about the meaning of life, and more than just a sci fi movie."

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