A Look at the New Shows Coming to the CW

The last of the national broadcast networks to reveal its new lineup of television programming is the CW. It might not have as many new shows coming up, but the ones it does have might spark a loyal following.

The Flash -- DC Entertainment hopes it can continue to deliver strong TV versions of its superhero gallery. This time it's the fastest man alive.

Jane the Virgin -- A 20-something's life becomes as complicated as the telenovelas that she loves.

Here are the midseason replacements.

iZombie -- A young woman who is recently turned into one of the walking undead finds purpose in her new existence by helping to solve murders.

The Messengers -- The end times apparently are upon us and supernatural conflict is afoot.

We've seen what the CW, ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX all have to offer.  Which network will win the ratings gold?