Best Reader Comment for April 2014

I keep thinking that, now that my frequency of blog posting has diminished, feedback from my readers will also decline, but my amazement continues to grow as you all share some wondrous ideas with me every time I write something. This month's meritable comment is from Cranky Cuss.  He joins past recipients of my meaningless but heartfelt accolade: Abrawang, Bill Beck, LibbyLiberalNYC, MalcolmXY, Pat Malone, Margaret Feike, Matt McMillan, Jan Sand, and Bob Skye.

Cranky's comment was short and right to the point, proving that brevity and acumen can walk hand-in-hand. Here's what he wrote in response to my short essay, "Baseball First Impressions:"

"All the scouting reports I've read said (Masahiro) Tanaka should thrive in the U.S. Hope for your sake that it's not just balancing out Sabathia's decline."

Perceptive and prophetic, Crankster!  The Yankee pitching rotation, despite an early start that raised expectations beyond the norm, has now shown scuffs in its sheen. Nevertheless, in baseball, hope springs eternal, or at least until all post-season playoff slots are clinched.

Others who took time to comment during the month include:

Andrew Gecaj
Ben Sen
Bill Beck
Bridget Bernal-Bennis
Damian Carparelli
Billy Rice
Cathy GF
Daniel Rigney
Dean Leggiero
Elizabeth Leshi
Elza Zagreda
Fonda Paljevic-Shkreli
Henry Sbrocco
James Evangelista
Janna Reed Wilkinson
Jeff Singer
Joe Laureiro
JoEllen Clark
Jonathan Wolfman
Keiko Alvarez
Lucille Loiselle
Mariajesus MjDes
Marilyn Sands
Mario Nacinovich
Matt McMillan
Pam Malone
Patricia Todisco
Peter Milakovich
Roger Dykeman
Steel Breeze
Tom Cordle
Tony Kelly Fazio
Vincent Defeo
Violetta Mardon
Zoga Laskaj

I extend my thanks to everyone who shared my posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and who posted a review of my City of Kik blog on As I always say and sincerely mean, I appreciate it.

Who knows if this will be the final "Best Reader Comment" award, but I will continue to welcome everything any of you have to say about any of the topics I cover. Thanks for reading (and commenting).