Best Reader Comment for May 2014

Thank you all for your ongoing feedback.  It motivates and encourages me. I've been acknowledging the "best" comments from my readers every month, and here's a list of the "winners" so far (in alphabetical order): Abrawang, Bill Beck, CrankyCuss, LibbyLiberalNYC, MalcolmXY, Pat Malone, Margaret Feike, Matt McMillan, Jan Sand, and Bob Skye. Bragging rights now go to EyeSpye for a series of reactions to my posts on the new television programs coming up.  Congratulations!  Here they are if you missed them:

Well, not a lot of interest here for me ... (except for maybe Aquarius ~ being the youngest of six (6) born in 1957, I lived the 60's vicariously through my older brothers/sisters ~ still fascinated with the era! Could be fun!!) As I've mentioned before (I think), I'm not much for sci-fi, and I'm still watching reruns of Law & Order (the original as well as SVU and CI) and Murder, She Wrote (yep, it's true!) ... so far I haven't found any new series that merits a viewing. I guess that could be a good thing ... give me more time to write!! ~R~
Geez, hadn't heard of any of these shows! I haven't really paid much attention to FOX at all since the original Glee cast graduated ... nothing here pings my interest, though ... hmmm ... re-runs it is!! Thanks for the heads-up. :-) ~R~
 Lo and behold! There are a couple of shows here that I would definitely watch ... I may not be so much a fan of spin-off series, but I really like Scott Bakula and Patricia Arquette ~ both of whom I've missed since their previous shows went off the air ... remember Quantum Leap and Medium? Both excellent shows for their respective genres. Unfortunately, I think The Odd Couple will be a bust ... seems Matthew Perry can't find a fit ... he's been in what? two-three failed sitcoms in the last several years. I did watch those shows, and he seemed to just rehash his Friends character ~ not much of a stretch for his acting chops. I feel kinda bad for the guy, but his run on Friends was something to write home about. :-) Stalker could be interesting, though. I'm unfamiliar with Maggie Q (more like clueless!), but Dylan McDermott is definitely watchable ~ intriguing premise ... although I have to wonder how long "stalking" crimes can be sustained ... I guess I'll have to wait and see how that works out. ~R~ with appreciation for your network news!"

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