Content Is Still King

Traditional television networks have many reasons to feel threatened as competitors rise up from every corner to overtake them as the primary distributor of entertainment content. Viewers are already accessing their shows on computers and mobile devices instead of solely on TV sets. Now, other platforms are developing original programming.

Netflix has a lineup of its own show and Amazon Prime also is developing its own comedies and dramas. Now, Sony PlayStation is jumping into showbiz beyond the video games that have been its chief bread and butter.  The comic-book inspired Powers will be a live-action series available on the PlayStation Network, accessible through Sony's consoles.

Not to be mistaken for the Starz drug-war drama Power produced by 50 Cent, Powers is a mashup of police procedurals and superhero adventures.  It stars Jason Patric as a detective solving crimes involving superpowered heroes and villains.  Originally meant to air on FX, the show has had a tumultuous development cycle and will finally debut on PSN in December, the first but likely not the last original dramatic series to be distributed on the platform.

If it's a success, expect more scripted content to be produced and offered to audiences beyond the traditional TV channels.