I Approve of The Approval Matrix

A guilty pleasure of New York magazine is the "Approval Matrix" column, where they rank cultural stuff on a grid from Highbrow to Lowbrow and Brilliant to Despicable. Now they've turned it into a show on Sundance TV. At first glance, I suspected it would be a stretch to force the gimmick into a talk show format, but the panelists make it work.

The roundtable discussion is actually insightful and humorous. The experts on hand who share their thoughts on pop culture topics are opinionated, intelligent, and never dull -- comedians Julie Klausner and Whitney Cummings, Matt Roush from TV Guide, and Willie Geist from the Today show. Host Neal Brennan is perfect and doesn't pull any punches. Even when I disagreed with any of them, it was fun to watch.

The first episode was about whether or not we are witnessing the Golden Age of television.  Are today's dramas truly better than the classic era of The Honeymooners or I Love Lucy, or the later sitcoms of All in the Family, or the brilliant series like Hill Street Blues? Watch the panelists defend their opinions and then judge for yourselves.