Magazine Round-Up: August 2014

If any of you still read print magazines, here's a look at the genre publications this month. It started off highlighting some anticipated blockbusters (some of which delayed their premieres, like Jupiter Ascending, making the world anticipate them a little longer) and ending in sadness with the passing of superstar Robin Williams.

Here's a list of this past month's cover stories:

August -- Guardians of the Galaxy

Entertainment Weekly
August 8 -- Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi
August 15 -- Best Characters on TV
August 22-29 -- Robin Williams

Film Comment
July/August -- Boyhood

Geek Magazine
August -- Guardians of the Galaxy

August -- Kanye West

The Hollywood Reporter
August 8 -- Meredith Vieira: Daytime Talk Show
August 15 -- Jenji Kohan: Orange Is the New Black
August 22 -- Robin Williams

July/August -- Irina Shayk: Hercules
September -- Jessica Alba: Sin City -- A Dame to Kill For

Men's Fitness
August -- The Style Issue: Michael Strahan

Sci-Fi Magazine
October -- Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

Sci-Fi Now
August -- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

August -- 250 Greatest Moments in Sci-Fi and Fantasy

August 4 -- Cold War II: Vladimir Putin
August 18 -- Manopause?
August 25 -- Robin Williams

Total Film
August -- 10 Coolest Movies: Sin City -- A Dame to Kill For

TV Guide
July 28 - August 10 -- Sci-Fi Special: Under the Dome
August 11-24 -- Outlander

August 5 -- Rising Internet Stars Shane Dawson and Jenna Marbles
August 12 -- Breakfast Battle: The Today Show vs. Good Morning America
Plus -- Four "Extra" Issues covering Emmy Contenders (Comedy, Reality, Actress, and Actor)

August -- Smart Phone: Creative Explosion

What magazines are you reading?