Movie Scenes That Will Likely Make You Cry

The other day on Facebook, a friend of mine started a fun conversation based on a story he came across on NPR about movies that make men cry.  We started naming films that never fail to bring a tear to our eyes. Some of the titles that came up were Up, Saving Private Ryan, Rudy, Gran Torino, The Fighter, Blow, Toy Story 3, The Notebook, Rocky, American Beauty, Requiem for a Dream, Warrior, Superman: The Movie, The Empire Strikes Back, and Steel Magnolias.

Here are my choices, the ones that always tug at my heartstrings:

Field of Dreams when he plays catch with the ghost of his dad.

And Chow Yun Fat's death scene in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon when he's about to die and he finally expresses his love for Michelle Yeoh's character. Amazing that in a movie known for its terrific action, a quiet scene like that is what sticks with me.

What movie and scene always brings you to the verge of weeping?