My Daughter's First Yankees Game = Priceless

I took my daughter to her first baseball game on Saturday and it was truly an almost perfect experience.  I want to thank the New York Yankees and Mastercard Priceless NY for making this a day that my family will never forget.

It was Joe Torre Day and it was a thrill to see him honored and his number retired. How exciting to see Yogi Berra, Reggie Jackson, Ron "Louisiana Lightning" Guidry, so many fantastic players from those championship seasons under Torre's leadership! It was "almost perfect" because Derek Jeter wasn't in the game's starting lineup to our disappointment, but we were still delighted to see him during the pre-game ceremony. He's giving me so many great memories as a Yankees fan that I'm glad my daughter had the chance to see him, however briefly, on this incredible day.

My daughter Tori received a "1st Game" certificate and a baseball from batting practice. Our seats were amazing and we had access to the excellent DKNY Lounge. I have to say, as much as I miss the old stadium, I'm starting to love the new Yankee Stadium.

Before I put my daughter to bed, clutching a pinstripe-clad Hello Kitty doll that my wife bought for her, I showed her a bat that I still had from my very first Yankee game that my dad took us to when I was a kid. It was a give-away day and I still cherish that bat. I wonder if my daughter will hold on to her keepsake baseball and look at it fondly over the years, remembering this day.

I think a life-long Yankees baseball fan was born today.


Naturecamhd said…
How wonderful! Congratulations on what is hopefully another life-long member of the Bronx Bomber army. Love the certificate. Frame it! More importantly, this is a great memory.

BTW, she looks just like you!
tony said…
Glad she had fun, what a great day for a baseball game. You should be grateful that she is a Yankees fan and not a Mets fan lol.
Nick said…
Thanks Tony. That reminds me of that sign in the old stadium quoting Joe DiMaggio, "I thank the good Lord for making me a Yankee." ;-)
Nick said…
And definitely going to print and frame those pics of her!