Xon and Other Puzzle Apps

You may recall back in 2009 I was feeling nostalgic for games like Myst and blogged my question wondering why there weren't more puzzle games. You'll be happy to know that game designers must have heard my plea and have rewarded me with some apps that have engrossing visual riddles. One very good one is Xon, evoking everything that was cool about Myst.  The graphics are excellent and atmospheric, the puzzles are thought-provoking and not too easy (nor too impossible to solve).  The first part is available free for download on smartphones and mobile devices. Once it has you hooked, you have to pay for the second episode, but it's cheap and it provides much more to do and to explore than the freebie.

Other puzzle apps are out there, the most famous probably is The Room (Pocket), which is part of a genre of mobile games in which the player has to find clues to escape an enclosed space. There are other mystery games, too, such as The Lost City.

I hope this is a growing trend and they make more.