Best Reader Comment for August 2014

I picked up my blog frequency and you all responded in kind, sharing your thoughts with me and making my heart smile.  It was incredibly difficult to choose one post among the many to dub the "Reader Comment of the Month," since such a wide variety of different people posted so often and grabbed my attention with their well thought out opinions and reactions. In the end, I selected Abrawang for this interesting addendum to my essay on "Sharks in Movies and on TV" (and for disagreeing with me on the quality of Jaws: The Revenge!):

There were more that didn't make it to the North American market. I had a four year work stint in Europe starting in the late 80s and lived in hotels. many had free in-house movies and they were a motley mix. I remember seeing an Italian shark movie around 1990 that appeared to be set in Miami but the actors were obviously Italian. The exciting conclusion featured the bad city official in an Armani suit commandeering a helicopter to cruise over the waters in search of the marauding shark. Bad idea. The copter got too close and the shark grabbed a pontoon with unfortunate but suitably bloody results for the Armani guy. It was a schlocky as they come. And Jaws 4 - The Revenge was pretty good. I say keep 'em coming.

Abrawang joins a growing list of past "winners":
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Bob Skye.

Thank you to the rest of you, all you kind souls who took time to write and share your feedback with me this month across all social media platforms:

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Thank you all!