My Favorite Magicians

I'm glad to hear that The History Channel's mini-series Houdini starring Adrien Brody is a huge ratings hit.  Magic is as popular as ever. My favorite modern illusionists are:

David Blaine -- From cool street magician who hung out with the stars to endurance performer, he's always entertaining.

Criss Angel -- His Mindfreak show was great and he did some of the best levitation tricks I've ever seen.

Penn and Teller -- I love them. They know how to entertain.

David Copperfield -- He took magic to a whole new level.

The Foodie Magician Josh Beckerman -- He's totally New York.

Here are some other great magicians, past and present.

The Amazing Johnathon
Apollo Robbins
Brett Daniels
Chris Kenner
Cyril Takayama
Dai Vernon
Daniel Madison
Dante the Magician
Derren Brown
Dick Williams
Doug Henning
Franz Harary
The Great Lafayette
Greg Frewin
"Hans" Klok
Harry Anderson
Harry Blackstone Sr.
Harry Blackstone Jr.
Harry Houdini
Howard Thurston
James Randi
Jean Eugene Robert-Houdin
Jonathan and Charlotte Pendragon
Lance Burton
Luis deMatos
Mac King
"Magic Babe" Ning
"Magnus" Jeff McBride
Mark Wilson
Melinda Saxe
Paul Daniels
Peter Marvey
Ricky Jay
Siegried and Roy
Steve Wyrick

Who's your favorite?