New SNL Announcer Announced

Don Pardo was such a distinctive voice, it's hard to imagine someone replacing him as the announcer of Saturday Night Live now that he's passed away. The replacement was announced today and Darrell Hammond has won the honor.

The history of broadcasting is loaded with many legendary announcers.  In baseball we have Vin Scully, Mel Allen, Tim McCarver, and Phil Rizzuto; in football we have Howard Cosell; in boxing we have ring announcers Michael Buffer and Jimmy Lennon, Jr.

Game shows and talk shows have had some top announcers. Famous ones who come to mind include Ed McMahon and Johnny Olson.

Let's see how Darrell Hammond will rank.  He's a great comedian and performer, so hopefully he will be allowed to be in some skits instead of just doing announcing chores. We shall see.