Student Blogs -- Fall 2014

It's that time of year again when I reveal the first steps in my students' entry into the blogosphere. Check them out and follow them all semester to see how they evolve.

The Celluloid Chronicle
Weekly musings on films I have recently seen as well as my thoughts on the changes in the film industry as a whole.

Celtic Craving
Indulging my craving for Celtic culture in the NYC area.

Dallas Texas Bars and Restaurants
Aimed at giving residents and tourists an overview of the recent popular bars and restaurants Dallas, Texas has to offer.

Diary of a Healthy Undergrad
Every day decisions for a fit college life, freshman fifteen not included.

Dirdnl Diaries
Sharing stories from my time working as a German beer hall waitress.

Enterprise Warrior
The landscape for starting a new business is tough! I will give you some tips for how to successfully bring an idea to reality.

Fantasy Fashion League
21 and living in New York City, what more could a girl ask for? Oh right, a bottomless wardrobe. Keep clicking refresh to see what clothes and accessories I'm dreaming about next.

Happy Endings, New Beginnings
Exploring the timeless lessons on life and growing up in Disney's classic animated films.

The Hard Times of a Dallas Cowboys Fan
Providing readers with a first hand perspective of a fan who loves a team that refuses to loves him back. Each week, I will painfully reveal one of the numerous times that the Dallas Cowboys have left my heart in shambles.

Hoosier Daddy
Putting into perspective the many great things you can do in Indiana, other than marrying your cousin.

Its a Jersey Thing
Finally confronting the stereotypes the rest of the country puts on New Jersey, whether they be true or false.

So You Think It's Easy
The life and times of a student athlete at Fordham University. Perks and drawbacks included.

Stage Write

Raves, critiques, and musings

A Taste of the Tahn N'at
Hungry??? I will give you some tips on the best spots to eat in the Burgh (Pittsburgh).

These are my obsessions
Documenting my obsessions with food, fashion, health, work, and life in general.

Warning Track Power
Warning Track Power promises to deliver its readers light-hearted, pertinent MLB news whenever the big stories strike. Remember: it's not all about the long ball.

Classic play by play analysis of my final and most important year at Fordham University.

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