A Look at The Players' Tribune

Derek Jeter didn't waste any time starting the next chapter of his life.  Immediately after ending his final season as a ballplayer (not just any ballplayer, but one of the greatest ever to don the New York Yankee pinstripes), he launched a new Web site, The Players' Tribune.

As the founding publisher, Jeter posted an open letter, outlining his vision for what the site would become -- a channel for star athletes (and presumably others in the spotlight if Jeter ventures beyond sports) to voice their own unfiltered viewpoints.

So far the content has been minimal as the site has slowly revealed its celebrity editors -- first, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, addressed the hot-button issue of violence in football and also commented on being a bully when he was a kid, while announcing the formation of his charity, the "Why Not You" Foundation; then race car driver Danica Patrick wrote about her relationship with fellow racer Ricky Stenhouse, Jr.

The point is that athletes will be able to tell their stories their way, without relying on journalists to filter their words or the social media masses to lead the conversations.  Some reporters have taken offense to the implication that The Players' Tribune will somehow be better than the traditional media in bringing stories about these athletes to the public, and some have questioned how "unfiltered" the content will truly be. The few articles we've seen so far seem heartfelt and "straight from the mouths" of Derek, Russell, and Danica, but surely the site has its editorial staff and the athletes have their public relations team to make sure what goes up is properly vetted and in the best interests of the contributors.

I welcome the honest, first-hand perspective of professional athletes, and there's plenty for them to talk about in the months and years ahead.  I also hope that once the star editors have been revealed more content is provided more regularly.  I'd like to see The Players' Tribune thrive with a smorgasbord of rich content, everything from articles by-lined by famous athletes to forums where fans can engage those stars directly.

It will be difficult to judge The Players' Tribune until it reaches the full potential of what Jeter has in mind.  Right now we're only seeing a tease. Derek Jeter has seen plenty of success in his young life.  I hope this next venture is another home run.