Best Reader Comment for September 2014

I'm grateful for all the feedback I receive about the topics I write about on my silly little blog. I receive some comments on Blogger, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Google+, and elsewhere, but I still receive the bulk of them on Open Salon. Even though the editors have seemingly abandoned it, the community there deserves credit for continue to post blog articles and most importantly sharing their thoughts on each other's comments section.  It is my pleasure to continue to recognize those of you who take the time and effort to let me know what's on your mind. This month's "best reader comment" is from Ben Sen who posted this on my essay "Books and Movies That Have Stayed with Me"...

"Everything James Joyce wrote. Everything Robert Bly wrote. Yeats, Brecht, Phil Whalen, Dogen, Dan Foley, those who haven't been discovered by the mainstream, almost anything on the edge that challenges the reader, viewer to go beyond the norm (and there are a lot of them) the Man Who Fell to Earth (movie) Fellini, Godard, the Grand Illusion (Renoir) work that fucking SAYS SOMETHING that nobody ever heard of in Kansas. Or is that Ohio?"

Ben Sen joins the following past honorees:

Bill Beck
Cranky Cuss
Francois Arouet
Margaret Feike
Robert La Vallie
Libby Liberal NYC
Malcolm XY
Pam Malone
Matt McMillan
Jan Sand
Bob Skye

Special thanks as always to everyone else who communicated with me about my blog on various channels:

Bill Beck
Damian Carparelli
Elizabeth Leshi
Fred Hallman
Kosher Salaami
Lucille Loiselle
Matthew McMillan
Pam Malone
Steel Breeze

Keep on reading, I'll keep on writing.  (Oh, and do me a solid by posting a review of my blog on Amazon. Thanks, my peeps!)