Guest Post: Is Boyhood the Best Picture of 2014?

Here's another guest post from my old friend Robert.  Share your comments if you've seen the movie too.

Boyhood: Best Movie of 2014?
by Robert La Vallie

Hello, all! Robert here!

Last night, I had the pleasure of watching Boyhood, and this seemingly ordinary movie about the growth of a boy into a man is unlike anything I have ever seen. This may very well get the Best Picture nod for this year. This cinematic gem, directed by Richard Linklater, telescopes the process of growing up.

What is unique about this picture is that it was filmed for a few weeks every year from 2002 to 2013, so you see the same cast acting in their familial roles over a twelve-year period. Nothing supernatural, nothing outlandish, merely a slice of history about a family from Texas. Nothing more American than that.

In short, if you love movies, your life will not be the same after you see this masterpiece. And if you are a film-connoissure, this is a must-add to your movie-going experience. Trust me on this one.

Rating: Five (out of) five stars

P.S. If possible, I would rate this even higher. It is that flawless.