Magazine Roundup: October 2014

Here's a look at the covers of this month's print periodicals.  The movie Interstellar had especially good publicity, even if star Matthew McConaughey made more headlines about his Washington Redskins comments than about his performance, but the movie hasn't opened yet, so there's still time for the Oscar buzz.

October -- Winter Preview: Gone Girl

Entertainment Weekly
October 3 -- Comedy Issue: Key and Peele
October 10 -- Sons of Anarchy: The Final War
October 24 -- Interstellar
October 31 -- Holiday Movie Preview: Into the Woods

October -- Blake Griffin
November -- Matthew McConaughey: Interstellar

Hollywood Reporter
September 26 -- The Designer A-List: Georgio Armani and Kate Hudson
October 3 -- CBS CEO Leslie Moonves
October 10 -- The Judge: Robert Downey, Jr. and his wife Susan
October 17 -- Power Showrunners: Shonda Rhimes
October 31 -- Interstellar

Men's Fitness
October -- Terry Crews: Brooklyn Nine-Nine

National Geographic
October -- Spinosaurus
November -- Real Zombies

Popular Science
October -- The Future of the Car

December -- Sleepy Hollow

Sci-Fi Now
October -- Gotham

October -- New TV Season Guide: The Flash

Star Wars Insider
October -- The Evil Empire

September 29 -- Is Football Worth It?
October 6 -- General Motors CEO Mary Barra
October 13 -- Chasing Ebola
October 27 -- Rand Paul

Total Film
October -- Comic Book Preview: Kingsman: The Secret Service

September 9 -- Rosie O'Donnell Returns to The View
September 16 -- Original Series Overwhelm
September 23 -- New York Issue: Steve Buscemi, Martin Scorsese, Terence Winter
September 30 -- Rosamund Pike: Gone Girl
October 2 -- Bill Murray: St. Vincent
October 7 -- Power of Women: Jane Fonda
October 21 -- Showman of the Year: Showtime's David Niven

October -- The Design Issue: Wrong Theory
November -- Pixar and Disney

So, what are you reading?