Best Reader Comment for October 2014

Each and every month, I'm amazed that you, the readers, take time to not only peruse what I have to say, but offer me feedback. I appreciate all the ideas and opinions you all share with me.  I've been selecting a "Best Reader Comment of the Month" for a while now, to highlight any commentary that stood out for me, and also to encourage others not to be bashful about joining the conversation.  This month's "winner" is John Hamilton for his reaction to my post about "Pulp Fiction: 20 Years Later."  He wrote:

"I liked the movie, thought the dialogue and character development was superb, but left the theater feeling slimed. The performances were far beyond what I had expected, especially Bruce Willis. Samuel L. Jackson of course was the best, just scene after scene. Travolta was great too, showing depth of character I hadn't seen before. Uma Thurman, great. Quentin Tarantino, not my favorite person in the movie business, was the biggest surprise, making his character seem so real and idiosyncratic. I was creeped-out, though, especially by "the Gimp." Yikes. I don't go to movies to get creeped-out. Wanton murder and depravity are not things that interest me. I guess that is where I part company with the purely artistic approach. For me, the artistry serves the story, not the other way around. If the story isn't meaningful, all the artistry in the world won't make the movie worth watching. Some great quotes came from this movie. I still go around asking people what the French call a Big Mac. Half the time they say they don't know. It's the most fun to be in a group of people, some of whom get it, some don't."

He joins the growing past winners list:

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Bob Skye

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