Lemony Snicket Series Coming to Netflix

Netflix continues making headlines, this time by announcing that it will produce a new series based on the bestselling books by Lemony Snicket ("as told to Daniel Handler"). The 13-volume Series of Unfortunate Events, following the harrowing adventures of the Baudelaire siblings, delighted children of all ages. You may recall the movie version, which starred Jim Carrey as the villainous Count Olaf, bombed at the box office.  Hopefully, the new show will capture the true spirit of the books, which included:

1. The Bad Beginning

2. The Reptile Room

3. The Wide Window

4. The Miserable Mill

5. The Austere Academy

6. The Ersatz Elevator

7. The Vile Village

8. The Hostile Hospital

9. The Carnivorous Carnival

10. The Slippery Slope

11. The Grim Grotto

12. The Penultimate Peril

13. The End

We shall see how faithful the live action series stays to the written word. Some have already expressed the opinion that maybe the tales would be better suited in animation, but time will tell if Violet, Klaus, and Sunny can be brought to definitive life on the small screen.

Lemony Snicket has also authored a few short stories set in this world, as well as a prequel series titled All the Wrong Questions.  Maybe content from these tales will also appear in some way in the Netflix series.

I wish it success! The misfortunate Baudelaire kids deserve some good news, after all.