Farewell to The Colbert Report

I'm going to miss Stephen Colbert.

I know, I know, he's not disappearing, he'll be the new host of The Late Show, replacing David Letterman; but that's the real Stephen Colbert, not the Stephen Colbert character who hosts The Colbert Report.

Who knows what the real Colbert is like?  He's been so brilliant depicting the ultra-Conservative pundit that it has become hard to differentiate the comedic role from the true persona. I'm convinced that he will succeed at CBS just as he did on Comedy Central, but I'll be honest, I have no idea what to expect or what he has planned for us.

I do know that he has perfect comic timing and excellent improvisational skills. He's a masterful, intelligent interviewer.

I hope he shakes up the format of The Late Show and carries over some of the current-events-skewering that has made his faux newscast so popular.

I'll miss The Colbert Report, but look forward to finally meeting and getting to know the real Stephen Colbert.

P.S.  I hope he lands an interview with Pope Francis when His Eminence visits America!