The Conclusion of Another Opinion Poll

I've wrapped up another poll on my City of Kik blog.  I asked, "What type of TV show is your favorite?" and the overwhelming response from my readers, with 53% of the vote, was "Science Fiction."  No surprise, since that's a big topic of my blog posts, but I was surprised at how low some of the other types of shows came on the list of results.

"Fantasy" was a close second and "Other" was in third (making me curious to hear what "Other" you all had in mind).

Tied for fourth were "Courtroom Drama," "Crime Procedural Drama," and "Action."

Alone at fifth place was "Police Drama."

A six-way tie appropriately took the sixth slot: "Situation Comedy," "Medical Drama," "Reality Show," "Suspense," "Talk Show," and "Documentary."

Three types tied for seventh place: "Historic Drama," "Sports," and "News."

In last place was my wife's favorite genre, "Horror."

My next poll is now open for your feedback.  The new question is "Which movie franchise has the most promising future?"  I welcome your opinions.