Best Reader Comment for December 2014

Last month was another stellar example of the online community sharing their ideas. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback you gave me on all my blog posts.  "Films Too Dangerous to Screen" had the biggest reaction, but November's post about the Bill Cosby scandal, "Can Silence Save a Reputation?" still continued to spark discussion.  This month's "Best Comment" came from ChillerPop for "Ideas for Star Wars Standalone Movies:"

"I really like the Ocean's 11 Bounty Hunters idea, Nick. And the Han Solo films are probably the best bet. Oddly enough, I don't have any ideas at all for a standalone (Star Wars movie). Especially not with Prequel characters. (A new Star Wars movie every year) sounds like a recipe for burnout. Not that I don't watch all the Marvel movies, but pretty soon I feel like people are going to get sick of these cross-franchise mega epics. I don't know. Ad the more I think about it, the more I like Abra's suggestion. A mafia movie with Jabba. Backstabbing, intrigue, powerplays, romance, drama! Me like! Ho ho ho ho!"

ChillerPop joins an esteemed list of prior "winners":

Ben Sen
Bill Beck
Cranky Cuss
Francois Arouet
John Hamilton
Margaret Feike
Robert La Vallie
Pam Malone
Matt McMillan
Jan Sand
Bob Skye

I extend my thanks to all of you who like my posts or shared your opinions with me on all platforms this month:

Melanie Adams
Francois Arouet
Linda Beckerman
Noreen Petronella Bello
Bonnie Blankenship
Damian Carparelli
Vera Leshi Cassidy
John Cimaglia
Kevin Clancy
Vincent Defeo
Colleen Drinkwalter
Cheryl Ellen
Lyle Elmgren
James Evangelista
Andrew Gecaj
Jonathan Land
Zoga Laskaj
Joe Laureiro
Elizabeth Leshi
Juliana Leshi
Lucille Loiselle
Pam Malone
Dennis Mardon
Liz Markaj
Matt McMillan
David Medranda
Diana Nikaj
Manara Nivron
Jennifer Singer O'Brien
Sommer Drinkwalter Phillips
Jan Sand
Jerry Schwartz
Linda Seccaspina
Lena Shkreli
John Simmons
Lucy Simpson
Jeff Singer
Liandra Pires
Debbie Vega
Jonathan Wolfman

Impressive!  Thank you all again.