Student Blogs for Spring 2015

The tradition of posting my "Writing for Online Media" students' blogs continues.  Here they are for the new Spring semester.  It's always rewarding to see how they evolve over the next few months.

Twenty-Something Gentleman
A Blog for those with big ambitions and small budgets.

Apollo's Radio
Apollo's Radio is a humorous blog dedicated to pop music and men's fashion in NYC.

Finger Flickin Good Flicks
Finger Flickin Good Flicks reviews both old and new movies.

Boozed On A Budget
Boozed On A Budget is the saga of a gal trying to drink her way through NYC, all while on a dime.

The Green Mile
The Green Mile describes the lifestyle of a competitive middle distance runner

Timeless Tunes
Timeless Tunes reflects on hit music from the past that is considered to be "Ageless"

Abandoned to Fiction
Abandoned to Fiction is a blog dedicated to breathing new life into abandoned spaces through writing.

Powered By Estrogen
Powered By Estrogen offers insights into life as a modern young woman.

Media About Media
Media About Media is a blog that seeks to analyze the American news landscape.

On a Whim
On a Whim is a weekly online commentary of one hoyden's pursuit of random wildness.

The First Gear
The First Gear is a blog dedicated to helping beginner auto enthusiasts enter the car scene.

College Budget Eats
College Budget Eats is a weekly blog committed to helping college students to live on their own without a meal plan.

Shake it off, Shake it off.....Said Coach
The trials and tribulations of a senior trying to make it through one last off season training.

Euroligen is a blog that analyzes the news and highlights occurring in the major European soccer leagues.

RAMSVERYOWN is a sports controversy blog that covers all the latest drama in worldwide sports

The Beer Garden
A common place for those with the appreciation and passion for a cold one; highlighting what's on tap in the beer industry.

The Sports Solver
Solving sports controversies, debates, and hypothetical scenarios, one analysis at a time.

If you see any posts that catch your eye, don't be shy -- leave a comment.