Best Reader Comment for January 2015

It's time once again to acknowledge the reader this month whose feedback caught my attention and made me think (it's a valiant effort to make be think, mind you!)  Seriously, this month's honoree is Ellen Clancy, via Facebook.  Here are her thoughts on my post "The Return of Shakespeare Uncovered."

"I love this series...and it is interesting that Morgan Freeman will be exploring Taming of the Shrew. Many many years ago I saw him and Tracey Ullman perform it in Central Park...set in the Wild West! I showed two of (the episodes) to my seniors at school who were fellow Shakespeare geeks. These, along with Pacino's Looking for Richard, which was filmed in the Cloisters down the hill from our high school, are the best explorations in the Bard's depth, challenges, and joys. The first one on Midsummer Night's Dream was very good. Watching Bonneville as guide/narrator made me think about how great it would be for the entire cast of Downton Abbey to do a production of Midsummer...while on hiatus -- they would sell out Broadway and London...And it brought back memories of the old black and white tape from 1964 when the very young Beatles did the Pyramus and Thisbee scene on a British variety show. I wish they had shown a scene of Kevin Kline from the 1999 version (they alluded to it, but did not show it.)"

Ellen joins a growing list of prior winners.  I'm contemplating creating a separate "Readers Hall of Fame" page to chronicle all the names in one place for posterity. Here's who was declared a Reader of the Month since I've started doing this:

Ben Sen
Bill Beck
Cranky Cuss
Francois Arouet
John Hamilton
Margaret Feike
Robert LaVallie
Pam Malone
Matt McMillan
Jan Sand
Bob Skye

I also extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone else who shared their thoughts with me on all channels this month.  I greatly appreciate it!

Tal Aviezer
Gino Bello
Donna Bellone
Talisman Brolin
Big Budyy
Kevin Clancy
Jerry DeNuccio
Sean Grady
Barbara Hall
Steven Johnston
Algis Kemezys
Paul Levinson
Mary Ann Hoffman Mallozzi
Pam Malone
Tara Marie
Matt McMillan
Holland Renton
Jessica Rodwick
Lucy Simpson

Thanks again for reading my fluffy ruminations on topics that amuse me!