SNL Exhibition

If you've enjoyed Saturday Night Live, which is celebrating 40 years of laughs on late night television, then you might want to experience "Saturday Night Live: The Exhibition" at Premiere on 5th this Spring at 417 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

It will feature a Wardrobe Gallery with some of the outfits worn by the cast in their memorable roles throughout the decades.  The exhibit will take visitors through the process of creating the popular show, from the Writer's Room to the final live broadcast.  From the musical performances to the satirical skits, highlights from the past to the present are on display, celebrating what began with those "Not Ready for Primetime Players" and is still chugging along, bringing a dose of much-needed humor to Saturday night television.


Barbara said…
Thanks for letting your readers know about SNL:The Exhibition :) We'll have more info for you soon!
Nick Leshi said…
Thanks, Barbara. Looking forward to it!