The Movie and TV Commercials During Super Bowl 2015

In addition to being the NFL's annual championship game, the Super Bowl is an excuse to have a party.  Plenty of people who have no interest in the sport gather together to watch. All those viewers add up to a lot of attractive eyeballs for advertisers, so the expensive commercials are always buzz worthy. My personal favorites are the ones hyping upcoming movies and television shows.  Here's what they teased this year:


Fifty Shades of Grey -- The adaptation of the bestselling erotic novel opens on Valentine's Day.

Furious 7 -- The final Fast and the Furious sequel starring Paul Walker looks as action-packed as expected. It's good to see Vin Diesel and the gang back again for some more high-adrenaline adventure.

Insurgent -- I haven't read the Divergent books or seen the first motion picture adaptation, but this sequel looks like a WTF special effects thrill ride (or that could just be the trailer edit).

Inside Out -- This animated feature looks intriguing.  Has Pixar ever let us down?

Jurassic World -- It looks the closest to capturing the look and feel of the original Jurassic Park than the other sequels, but we shall see if it captures the heart and awe.

Kingsman: The Secret Service -- It's good to see Samuel L. Jackson in this, however briefly.

Minions -- Those adorable yellow creatures from the Despicable Me movies star in their own prequel film. Let's hope to much exposure doesn't make them annoying.

Pitch Perfect 2 -- If you liked the first film, here's more of the same.

The Seventh Son -- It looks like a generic fantasy film, but that doesn't mean it won't be entertaining.

The Spongebob Movie: Sponge Out of Water -- Can the kids' cartoon favorite make the CGI transition to the big screen?

Ted 2 -- The profane talking teddy bear returns for more alleged comedic shenanigans.

Terminator: Genisys -- I like it.

Tomorrowland -- I'm still not sure what it's about, but it looks promising.

Unfinished Business -- I don't even remember seeing this, but Vince Vaughn can be funny so I'll give it a chance.


My favorites were A.D. and Heroes Reborn.



The Blacklist

Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D.


Heroes Reborn

Night Shift


Saturday Night Live

The Slap

The Tonight Show

P.S. The football game itself was pretty exciting this year too.