American Titles

Hollywood loves generic titles for its movies and television shows. Right now I'm seeing a trend in the (over)use of the word "American."  We have American Horror Story, American Crime, American Dad, and The Americans.  Coming soon we'll see American Odyssey, American Gods, American Crime Story, and American Pastoral.  

Here's a list of the "American" movie and TV titles I unearthed before I gave up looking. (I stuck with just "American" and didn't include variations like Captain America or America's Got Talent.)

An American Affair
American Anthem
American Beauty
American Buffalo
An American Carol
American Crime
American Crime Story
American Crude
American Dad
American Dreams
American Dreamz
American Flyers
An American Friend
American Gangster
American Gigolo
American Girl
American Gladiators
American Gods
American Gothic
American Graffiti
American Gun
An American Haunting
American Heart
American Heist
American High School
American History X
American Horror Story
American Hustle
American Idol
An American in Paris
American Justice
American Masters
American Ninja
American Nudist
American Odyssey
American Outlaws
American Pastoral
American Pie (and its sequels)
American Pimp
American Pop
The American President
American Psycho
American Rhapsody
The Americans
American Sniper
American Son
American Stag
An American Tail
American Virgin
An American Werewolf in London (and its sequel)
American Yakuza
The Greatest American Hero
The Last American Virgin
Love American Style
My Fellow Americans
The Quiet American
Ugly Americans
Young Americans

Let me know if a good one is not on the list.