Best Reader Comment from Last Month (February 2015)

My post on the Brian Williams lying scandal generated the most comments for my blog in February.  Titled "Whom Can We Trust?" it sparked a thought-provoking discussion.  I chose the comment by Bill Beck as the one that stood out for me the most:

"One thing that gets lost in the Williams matter is that he did not tell this story on the Evening News.  He told it in speeches and various places away from the news desk. He was trying to build himself up personnally rather than give a false account for a broadcast. In either case, it was the wrong thing for him to do. I think he will be gone from NBC. But I don't see it as massaging a story to twist it. He just got caught up in trying to look like a cool celebrity."

Bill joins a growing list of others who provided terrific feedback month after month.

Ben Sen
Cranky Cuss
Ellen Clancy
Francois Arouet
John Hamilton
Margaret Feike
Robert La Vallie
Pam Malone
Matt McMillan
Jan Sand
Bob Skye

Thank you all for reading, especially the rest of you in February (too many for me to list) who read, shared, and responded to my posts.  I appreciate it!