Feeling Old During the Nostalgia Trend

I've enjoyed all the revivals of entertainment from my younger days, but then I started feeling ancient.  It will be wonderful to see new episodes of Twin Peaks and The X-Files, but I will also realize that it's been decades since I first saw the originals. I'm thrilled to see Van Halen reunited, but I feel older than David Lee Roth looks (and I felt his pain when he injured himself on Jimmy Kimmel Live.)

Nostalgia is awesome, reminding us of days gone by, often through rose-colored glasses.  Yet, does it ever truly recapture the essence of what already took place?  Often it's better to experience some show or song that's brand new but has some tone that's reminiscent of the past.  When we sit down for a remake, our expectations are already through the roof, making it all the more difficult to live up to those expectations.

Adam West and Burt Ward announced that they will reprise their roles as the Dynamic Duo in an animated movie version of the classic Batman TV show from the 1960s.  Will it recapture the magic of that campy hit or will it disappoint?

I'll willing to take a chance and I hope the nostalgia trend continues.