Movie and TV Trailer Roundup - May 2015

It's time to look at this month's movie and television trailers, and we have a bunch of them, so let's go.

Absolutely Anything
Simon Pegg plays an ordinary man suddenly granted the extraordinary power by aliens to do anything.

Area 51
Shot in the "found footage" style, a group of friends decide to break into the mythic top secret government base.

Forget the zombie apocalypse, here's something even worse -- an epidemic that turns fourth graders into monsters.

Crimson Peak
Director Guillermo Del Toro brings us an old-fashioned haunted house ghost story as only he can.

Jem and the Holograms
They're adapting everything. This was apparently inspired by the 1980s cartoon of the same name, but it seems only loosely based on that concept.

The Last Witch Hunter
Vin Diesel and Michael Caine star in this action horror fantasy.

Not to be confused with the 1980s Tom Cruise fantasy, this is a period piece based on a true story with Tom Hardy playing the dual role of the Kray twins.

The Little Prince
This CGI version of the classic tale features some clever animation.

Fans of those adorable little yellow creatures from the Despicable Me movies will be thrilled to see this prequel that explains their origin.

Mr. Holmes
Ian McKellan plays the most famous detective of all time in his twilight years.

The Muppets
Jim Henson's greatest creations return to television this fall, and here's a quick look at what to expect.

Hugh Jackman plays Blackbeard in this prequel origin tale for Peter Pan.

Return to Sender
Rosamund Pike stars in this twisted thriller.

Ricki and the Flash
Meryl Streep plays an aging rock singer who returns home when her daughter faces a crisis.

San Andreas
It's your typical mega-earthquake disaster flick.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials
The adaptation of the bestselling book series continues with this sequel.

Sense 8
From the makers of The Matrix and J. Michael Straczynski comes this fascinating original Netflix series.

Soaked in Bleach
Here's an intriguing documentary about the death of Nirvana's Kurt Cobain.

Steve Jobs
Forget that version with Ashton Kutcher, this biopic starring Michael Fassbender seems like the definitive one to watch.

I know i's receiving some negative backlash, but this looks like harmless fun.

True Detective (Season 2)
Will it be as good as the first season?

Ben Kingsley joins the cast of Spike TV's retelling of the story of the young Egyptian pharaoh.

This looks more like a reboot than a sequel, but maybe it will capture some of the fun of the original.

Which ones are you most excited to see?