Scream TV Series Is a Success

MTV's adaptation of Scream has been renewed for a second season. I'm a big fan of the original movies and so far the show has been an extremely entertaining update for today's audiences.  It plays up all the horror genre tropes, while still delivering some good scares amid the self-referential dialogue.

The mystery about who's doing all the killing is compelling, with suspicion falling on all the characters (and this is MTV so they're all good-looking). Every time you think someone is the murderer, they're placed in jeopardy so you think they can't be the serial killer, or can they? Red herrings and misdirection are rampant.

This is a reboot of the franchise with no direct connection so far to the popular movie series that began in 1996. Even the iconic mask of the unknown killer is reminiscent but slightly different than the one in the films (which was a lot better because it was closer to the Edvard Munch painting and the new one is a lot more bland.)

I especially like the use of social media, cellphones, and other communication technology in the plot. Like the memorable phone call at the beginning of the first film, the new series does a terrific job moving the story along with modern day gadgets as the characters interact online as much as they do in the real world.

I wonder how long they can keep the mystery going without jumping the shark. If they reveal the identity of the killer, I'm curious to see how they can add new mysteries without the show becoming stale or repetitive.

At one point, (one of many self-aware moments), the geeky Noah Foster (portrayed nicely by John Karna) jokes that a horror show doesn't work as a TV series because it's not sustainable (unless it's an anthology series). Let's hope he's wrong, because it seems to be working so far.