The Return of Bloom County

While I was on vacation, the Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist Berkeley Breathed decided to bring back his beloved Bloom County comic strip.  The 2015 edition is only a few panels into its revival run, but so far it is as hilarious as ever. In terms of style, characterization, and humor, it seems to have picked up right where it left off a quarter century ago.

Bloom County was my favorite of the comic strips that were no longer around, and it's such a blast to see new content.  Who knows where Mr. Breathed will take it or for how long it will last? Will it conclude at the end of 2015? Maybe this is just a tease and the few morsels he's given us this week are all he has to give.

The distribution right now is only on Breathed's Facebook page. The artist was quoted in the Washington Post's Comic Riffs as referring to the traditional newspaper syndication model that made his original strip such a success as "Dead-Tree Media" and not missing its "constancy and deadlines and guarantees." 

So no guarantees on how long this will run, but I'll enjoy it for however long it lasts.