A New Star Wars Golden Age

We are living in a new Star Wars golden age! Some of us are old enough to remember the original trilogy and how it sparked our love for cinema and imaginative storytelling. The Prequels, despite their critics, also led to the emergence of many new fans. Now, with Disney as the new owners, the floodgates are opening on exciting new content and experiences from that galaxy far, far away, and it all looks incredible.

Of course the big news is the continuation of the Star Wars saga on the silver screen. In a few short months, we shall see if J.J. Abrams succeeded or failed with the long-awaited followup to Return of the Jedi, The Force Awakens. Then we'll see Rian Johnson (who gave us Looper) direct Episode VIII and Colin Trevorrow (who recently brought us Jurassic World) direct Episode IX.

In between the epic Chapter films, Disney is promising a series of standalone Star Wars movies, which was originally dubbed Anthology, but now have the subtitle "A Star Wars Story."  First will be Rogue One, about rebels stealing the plans for the Death Star (the prelude to A New Hope). It will be directed by the excellent Gareth Edwards, who brought us Monsters and Godzilla.   Then the directors of The Lego Movie, Philip A. Lord and Christopher Miller, will bring us a young Han Solo adventure.

At the Disney convention D23, it was announced that there will be more Disneyland and Walt Disney World expansions, this time with a Star Wars Land theme park, 14 acres in Anaheim, California and Orlando, Florida. If they can capture anything close to the concept art that they've revealed so far, this should be amazing.

Disney has also promised twenty new novels. So far we've seen A New Dawn, Heir to the Empire, Lords of the Sith, and Tarkin.

Prepare yourselves for an avalanche of more merchandise, games, toys, and other licensed material.  It truly is one of the best of times for Star Wars fans.


Jeff McGinley said…
I think the absolute proof of the new Golden Age is Lego Star Wars: Droid Tales!

Its a sanctioned, licensed show that proves while Disney has respect and knowledge of the franchise, they aren't too stuffy to poke fun at it as well.

And that's what the franchise should be, fun!
Nick Leshi said…
I agree, Jeff. There needs to be a balance though. Some fans take it very seriously and there's room for that. And some Star Wars products are aimed at little kids, which is fine too. I just don't want to see it go too far in either direction.