Kikback: My Past Reports on the Upfront TV Market

Since 2009, I've been posting my summaries of the Upfront TV presentations, the annual advertising sales events when the major networks reveal the new season's television lineups.  This week I'll be doing the same, writing about what's in store in Fall 2016 for ABC, CBS, the CW, FOX, and NBC, but first let's take a look back and see if the Boob-Tube Fates were cruel or kind to those hopeful new series of yesteryear, many of which faded away, never to be heard from again.

2009 NBC
2009 FOX
2009 ABC
2009 CBS
2009 The CW

I had such high hopes for 2009, but while some series made it, like Glee, Modern Family, The Vampire Diaries, and The Cleveland Show, others didn't live up to my expectations -- the reboot of one of my favorite 1980s science fiction saga V, the comic book adaptation Human Target, the adaptation of the novel Flash Forward, and Day One, which never made it to the air.

2010 NBC
2010 FOX
2010 ABC
2010 CBS
2010 The CW

For the graduating class of 2010, CBS seemed to be the clear winner with the most hits -- Blue Bloods, Hawaii Five-0, and Mike and Molly, but it also had the spectacular William Shatner dud S#*! My Dad Says. On the other networks, we had campy failures like The Cape and super-powered flops like No Ordinary Family. It was also sad to see the cop show Detroit 1-8-7 fizzle and the Lost wanna-be The Event go nowhere.

2011 NBC
2011 FOX
2011 ABC
2011 CBS
2011 The CW

What a year 2011 was! We saw phenomenal successes, such as New Girl, The X Factor, Once Upon a Time, Scandal, 2 Broke Girls, Grimm, and Person of Interest, but at the same time we witnessed a string of high profile burnouts --  Prime Suspect, The Playboy Club, Charlie's Angels, Pan Am, not to mention the colossal disappointment, Steven Spielberg's Terra Nova.

2012 NBC
2012 FOX
2012 ABC
2012 CBS
2012 The CW

2012 had notable hits -- Elementary, The Mindy Project, Nashville, and Arrow. It also spawned some fan favorites -- The Following, Revolution, Hannibal, and Beauty and the Beast. Yet, it also had its share of empty fires -- 666 Park Avenue and Cult come to mind.

2013 NBC
2013 FOX
2013 ABC
2013 CBS
2013 The CW

FOX gave us Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Sleepy Hollow in 2013, and ABC debuted Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,  while the CW delivered The 100.  Still we had to endure the unfulfilled promises of Dracula, Ironside, Almost Human, Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Resurrection, The Michael J. Fox Show, and Robin Williams' The Crazy Ones.

2014 NBC
2014 FOX
2014 ABC
2014 CBS
2014 The CW

For all the hits (and there were a bunch -- Gotham, Empire, The Last Man on Earth, Black-ish, How to Get Away with Murder, The Flash, Jane the Virgin, iZombie, Fresh Off the Boat, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt), a slew of disappointments bombarded us -- Constantine, The Whispers, and The Messengers.  Others found an audience, if not outright critical acclaim, such as The Odd Couple and Extant.

2015 NBC
2015 FOX
2015 ABC
2015 CBS
2015 The CW

As of this writing, it's too soon to determine how history will look upon the shows of 2015. My personal favorites were Supergirl, DC's Legends of Tomorrow, Blindspot, Scream Queens, and the return of The X-Files. Heroes Reborn was a bit of a letdown and The Muppets and Of Kings and Prophets never grabbed me.

Tune in next week for my rundown of next fall's new batch of programming.