Upfront Report 2016 - FOX

FOX has announced its new shows for 2016/2017. Some familiar titles are in that lineup. Here's a look at what's coming up this fall and in the mid-season.

24: Legacy
FOX tries to continue its "real-time" thriller franchise without Kiefer Sutherland (although I'll be shocked if he doesn't make a cameo at some point). Corey Hawkins takes the lead as Sgt. Eric Carter fighting a terrorist network. Intelligence officer Rebecca Ingram (played by Miranda Otto) is pulled in to help, and she just happens to be married to Senator John Donovan (played by the always excellent Jimmy Smits), who happens to be running for President.

A billionaire engineer (played by Justin Kirk) turns a troubled Chicago police precinct into a private high-tech police force after his best friend is murdered. Natalie Martinez and Ernie Hudson also star.

The Exorcist
The horror classic movie franchise becomes a TV series, directed by Rupert Wyatt who gave us the critically acclaimed Rise of the Planet of the Apes. In this version, two priests (Alfonso Herrera and Ben Daniels) try to save a family, starring Geena Davis and Alan Ruck.

Kicking and Screaming
Survivalists try to compete in the wild for $500,000, but they're slowed down by pampered partners.

Lethal Weapon
Another movie series receives the TV series adaptation treatment -- this time we see the buddy cop adventures of detectives Riggs and Murtaugh, originally portrayed by Mel Gibson and Danny Glover, now brought to life for the boob-tube by Clayne Crawford and Damon Wayons, Sr. The cast also includes Jordana Brewster.

Making History
Here's a high-concept comedy for you -- a computer science professor discovers time travel and falls in love with Paul Revere's daughter, but in the process he screws up U.S. history, so he recruits his best friend, a history professor, to help him set everything right.

The Mick
Kaitlin Olson plays a hustler who assumes guardianship of her niece and nephews when their rich parents flee the country to escape federal fraud charges.

My Kitchen Rules
Celebrity duos in their Hollywood homes compete in this unscripted cooking series. Some of the celebs we'll see include Lance Bass, Brandy, Andrew Dice Clay, Naomi Judd, and Brandi Glanville.

A young pitcher (Kylie Bunbury from Under the Dome) becomes the first woman to play for Major League Baseball. The cast also includes Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Elisabeth Shue, and Ali Larter.

Prison Break
I liked the first season of this show when it originally aired, and now it's back with most of its original cast.  Let's hope they can recapture the elements that worked.

Shots Fired
Helen Hunt, Stephen Moyer, and Richard Dreyfuss are just some of the stars of this "event series" about the aftermath of racially-charged shootings in a Southern town.

Son of Zorn
An animated warrior (voiced by Jason Sudeikis) tries to win back his live-action wife and son.

From the makers of Empire, Queen Latifah stars as a local beauty salon owner who becomes the surrogate mom for three singers entering the cutthroat music business.

I looked at NBC's new shows yesterday and will continue to post about the other networks as the Upfront television market continues this week.