Kikback: The Halloween Edition

Just in time for Halloween weekend, and as I'm spooked out by the new season of American Horror Story, here are some of my horror-themed blogposts.  Enjoy.

American Horror Story's Big Gamble

Another Wolfman Reboot

The Best TV Horror Shows Ever

Bits and Pieces: The Stephen King Edition

Boo at the Zoo

Celebrating 25 Years of Stephen King's It

The Child Vampire Cliche

Devilish Characters

Even Zombie Haters Seem to Like The Walking Dead

Favorite Stephen King Books

From the Creator of Goosebumps

The Great Jack-o-Lantern Blaze

Horror Movies: Do They Still Scare You or Just Gross You Out?

I Hate Zombies

Illustrated Horror Books for Halloween Weekend

Key Horror Movies in Film History

A Look at Werewolves from Wolf Man to New Moon

The Mockumentary Found Footage Genre

Phantom: Still One of the Best Shows on Broadway

Pictures from Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

A Reboot of Tales from the Darkside

Remembering The Craft

Remembering the Stories of Richard Matheson

The Return of Hammer Films

The Return of X-Files

Scary TV Memories

Scream TV Series Is a Success

The Serial Killer Trend on TV

A Spoiled Review of Dream House

A Stephen King Movie I Would Like to See

The Success of Stranger Things

Two Mini-Reviews of Paranormal Activity

The Winchester Brothers of Supernatural Save the World

Happy trick-or-treating, everyone!