Say Goodbye to 2016

Has there been a year in recent memory more despised than 2016? I, for one, am looking forward to 2017 and a new start.  It seemed that from beginning to end, we were inundated with bad news, from the public to the personal. (I experienced the loss of three theater friends this year, may they rest in peace, as well as a couple of major surgeries for close family members).  

The Presidential election seemed to bring out the worst in some people. We saw a rise in fake news. Online trolling, blatant hatred, and partisan anger seemed to reach new heights.  

The number of high profile celebrity deaths was never-ending, starting in January with David Bowie and continuing right through the end of December with Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. 

Of course the year was also full of positives, and I am not dismissing my many blessings or the wonderful memories I had with my wife, children, friends, and colleagues. Other years in my lifetime have been major downers, (I'd personally like to forget 1997 and 2001), but 2016 made many of us hope for the symbolism of a fresh beginning that each new year brings.

Here's hoping for love, happiness, and success in 2017!